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Interencheres maximizes the efficiency of its TV campaigns with

Created in the 2000s, Interencheres is France's number 1 site for live auctions, offering millions of lots appraised and guaranteed by auctioneers in just a few clicks. After implementing their brand awareness strategy through various TV campaigns, Interencheres wanted to monitor the results more closely, so they called on




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The brief
To raise brand awareness, Interencheres has devised two types of TV campaign:

- A sponsorship campaign through TV programs that highlight the auctions.

- Traditional TV campaigns to reach a wider audience.

To keep a close eye on their TV campaign, the brand collaborated with, deploying the platform's three solutions: Watch, Analyse and Leverage.

These three innovative solutions have enabled Interencheres to gain insight into its ecosystem, understand the media strategy of brands in the same sector, and analyze the impact in depth, particularly in terms of the engagement generated by campaigns, conversions on the site, and the digital activation of the audience engaged by their TV campaigns.
A successful collaboration with positive spin-offs for the brand...
As the TV waves progressed, the solution proved invaluable to Interencheres. Indeed, the brand was able to merge its analysis tools with the intelligence provided by This made it possible to measure the behavior of all user segments and then retarget them. After a very successful first campaign for Interencheres,'s analyses enabled the brand to improve its media plan for the second campaign, taking into account various elements such as days, channels, time slots, etc.

After more than a year's collaboration, the results are more than promising:

Interencheres is :
·  - 32% of the cost per visit,
·  Doubled conversion rate
· Winning locations strengthened and presence deployed on complementary programs,
It's both reassuring and challenging to be able to rely on a partner with whom we share a common goal of constantly improving our performance.
Frédéric Lapeyre
President - Interencheres
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