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Leverage: optimise in real time the online impact
of your TV spots

Maximise your TV engaged
audience and optimise conversion.

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leverage : online impact of your TV spots
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Maximise the drive-to-web
impact of your TV ads

A TV ad generates on average a 60% increase in search queries. Boosting your Google Ads (AdWords) visibility when your ad is aired gives you great visibility and total engagement of your target audience while avoiding leakage of your key TV audience going to competitors' pages.


Google Ads conversion rate


Cost of brand acquisition keyword


Generic keyword impression rate

Boost your search during TV airings:
3 marketing strategies

Performance, visibility, defence or attack: the launch and tracking of your Google Ads TV sync campaign requires first to set your goals. Discover the Adboost pillars by


Boost your TV acquisition by increasing bids on brand or generic searches during your TV ad airings.


Protect your brand and make sure your ads are in the top positions on Google Ads when your target audience is looking for you.


Maximise your searches generated by TV ads of your competitions.

TV Search Synchronisation cover

Your TV-exposed-audience are looking for you on Google ... help them find you!

In this eBook, learn how TV search synchronisation works and what are the best marketing strategies associated with it.

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Convert your engaged TV audience online has developed an attribution algorithm that identifies which online users came from TV. This algorithm is based on more than 40 criteria, such as the source, the device used or the onsite behavior. allows you to export this segment of engaged TV audience and uses its potential on digital.

Learn more about our attribution technology


Conversion rate on TV engaged audience


Cost of acquisition due to onsite customisation


Incremental TV visits with OOH + TV vs TV only

4 activations of your TV data for
your cross channel strategy's Adextend solution is connected to more than 40 technological partners to help you get the most out of your TV engaged segment. Online performance, customer knowledge or cross-channel analysis: maximise your TV investments.


Retarget your TV engaged-audience to your advertising during their online journey. Expand your reach by targeting lookalike audience to your TV segment.


Customise your landing pages of your TV-engaged-audience to offer them a tailor-made experience. The goal: totally integrate them into the online customer journey.

Customer knowledge

Integrate the TV-engaged segment into your DMP, Google Analytics or Facebook to discover the socio-demographic profile of your TV online audience.

Contribution allocation

Include TV into your attribution modelling just like any other touchpoint and discover its contribution in relation to other advertising channels.

TV attribution: how to identify visitors coming from TV ads?

How to put the right emphasis on TV in your attribution model when running a TV campaign? What is the method? All the answers in this ebook.

Just a few clicks away from you content...