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Find out how identifies who your online visitors are on your website or mobile app generated by your TV ad.

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discover: identifies online visitors from TV ads on websites/apps
discover: identifies online visitors from TV ads on websites/apps

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Expertise in TV attribution


Scoring criteria used to identify TV visitors

Measuring the number of TV visits

  • puts a tag on your website to track your traffic in real time, second by second.
  • Our measurement algorithm extrapolates your traffic over time and creates a predictive baseline (natural traffic).
  • When your ad is broadcast, our algorithm makes the difference between the actual traffic line and the traffic you would have had without the fluctuation created by TV.

Selection of all potential TV visitors

  • A TV spot has an impact time, also called "attribution window", which can vary by several minutes.
  • In, this impact time is calculated dynamically because it can vary for each broadcast.
  • Our attribution algorithm is counting all visitors who came during the TV impact period: they are part of the TV attribution.

Scoring and refining of TV visitors selection

  • Our scoring algorithm assigns points to the visitors based on more than 40 criteria to determine which ones are most likely to come from TV.
  • The criteria studied are, for example, the device or browser used, bounced rate, the source of acquisition (SEO, SEA, URL...) or reaction time to the TV spot.
  • The algorithm evolves thanks to machine learning: it refines the scoring during each campaign and adjust the rating for each spot.