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TV must be driven by performance and coordination with other media. Our goal is to enable brands to deliver the right message to the right target at the right time.

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Control your TV broadcasts

Discover in real time airing of your TV & radio spots as well as the broadcasting contexts.

At the second you can see when and on which channels your TV spots are broadcast. possesses the most robust proprietary advertising detection technology on the market.

Analyse and optimise your TV impact

Benefit from comprehensive TV impact measurement and discover the synergy of your linear and addressable TV campaigns.

Our performance indicators make it easier to read the results. Discover your incremental reach, engagement, visits per spot, conversions, frequency of exposure of your target and much more, to maximise your impact.

Understand your audience

Discover who is the TV online engaged audience coming from your TV advertising and what is its behavior.

Through its proprietary technologies, identifies who are the Internet users drove by your TV advertising. Discover which geographic regions your TV engaged audience comes from the most, how they consume on your website or what their socio-demographic profile is.

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Analysed TV campaigns

+1,5 BN

Optimised gross TV budget per year on average


Brand partners

1 SaaS platform, 2 service levels, depending on your needs:

  • Managed:

  • • Your campaigns created by our teams

  • • A team dedicated to your account

  • Self-service:

  • • Autonomous campaign management

  • • Available support to answer your questions

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Success story Tourism brand optimises its TV ROI with

This Travel partner has been working with since 2018. Their aim was to increase their room capacity during the high season and asked us to help them better manage the efficiency of their TV campaigns. Discover in this video how this partner managed to boost its TV acquisition thanks to

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The TV Analytics Market of Tomorrow

Today’s TV analytics market is split between two approaches. Pierre Figeat CEO and Founder of clarifies the difference between "TV Buying Targeting Analysis" and "TV Business Impact Analysis" in this article by MarTechSeries.

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Graph: 70% UK TV ads off-peak, highest engagement Sundays

TV Advertiser sees Sunday evening as their new ‘prime’ slot

Over two-thirds (70%) of UK TV ads now run outside of the peak-time slot, with viewers engaging most on Sundays by clicking through to brand websites. City AM published our study that examine the impact of TV adverts on online traffic in the UK.

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