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TV Attribution: how to identify visitor coming from TV ads?

How to put the right emphasis on TV in your attribution model when running a TV campaign? What is the method? All the answers in this ebook.

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Tv attribution identify visitors coming from TV advertising

TV Attribution: How to identify my TV engaged audience?

Viewers who visit your online environment after seeing your TV spot are a gold mine.

Totally engaged, it is essential to be able to identify them in order to maximise their conversion potential. gives you all the keys to making the most of your TV audience.

TV Attribution, the origins

Why is it possible to do TV attribution today? How TV consumption evolved over time?

TV Attribution: how does it work?

What is the recipe to allocate the right number of TV visitors to each of your spots? tells you everything, in all transparency.

TV Attribution: which applications?

How to take advantage of the TV Attribution? Which digital activation scenarios are possible with this technology?

TV Attribution: how to identify visitor coming from TV ads?

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