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Tracking TV : how and why detect ads in real time?

Become an expert on TV detection technology and its applications. Discover why it is essential to be able to track your TV spots in real time.

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TV tracking: why knowing when your TV spot is essential?

It's a fact, TV media scheduling are wrong: live TV changes, breaking news, errors... impossible to know precisely when your TV spots are broadcast. Impossible ? Actually no. With a TV Tracking solution, take control of your media plan.

Why would you want to detect TV spots airing?

Discover what are the challenges of a good TV Tracking solution and why it is essential.

How to do TV Tracking? gives you the recipe of its algorithm and patented method to find all the TV spots that you broadcast.

TV Tracking: but for which applications?

What's the use of TV Tracking? Many strategies are available to you, discover them.

Tracking TV

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