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Analyze your media contributions with Media Mix Modeling

Thanks to econometrics, our data scientists can accurately track the contribution of each of your media activations - online and offline - on a chosen business signal: online traffic, in-store visits, turnover, sales volume, etc.

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Media mix modeling

Using data science to improve the effectiveness of your media mix

Our team of researchers' econometrically based calculations allow a holistic approach to your marketing performance.

Our MMM solution isolates and evaluates your brand's sales drivers to give you the agility you need for media planning. It allows you to allocate your media budget, in the right place and at the right time, to achieve your sales objectives and maximise your ROI.

Our data scientists will provide you with clear recommendations to maximise the return on every euro invested on each lever. Maximise the synergies between channels to boost your performance and build brand awareness!

The advantages of our MMM solution:

▶ Short-term analysis possibilities (quarter) or for a year

▶ Offered from €5,000 (for a studied signal)

▶ For all types of structures

Identify the impact of each media on your business signals

Turnover, sales volume, online or in-store traffic... Isolate the media levers that generate business for your brand, while integrating exogenous factors into the equation: competition, seasonality, sporting or economic events, etc.

Measure the ROI of each online and offline investment

Adopt the best media investment choices and combinations for your different channels and maximise synergies.

Create the best scenarios for your media mix

The MMM is the central tool to support your different teams in their decision making. Take into account the evolution of your market to orchestrate your future media plans.

Media Mix Modeling

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Media mix modeling