Your profile measures the impact of your connected TV campaigns

With, measure your campaigns on linear and connected TV and discover the complementarity of these 2 advertising media. Incremental reach, engagement, conversion, exposure frequency... discover all the key indicators and evaluate the performance of your spots.

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Measure the complementarity of your linear and connected TV campaigns

Thanks to strong partners such as Samba TV, leader in tracking, measurement and ad targeting on connected TVs, and Magnite, leader in SSPs, offers the 1st performance measurement solution for connected TVs.

In addition to your TV and radio campaigns, measure the impact of your campaigns on connected TV, a fast-growing medium with over 75% of French households equipped.

Our analyses provide precise information on incremental reach, engagement, conversion, frequency of exposure, etc., and make it easy to compare the results of your traditional linear TV campaigns with those of your connected TV campaigns.

Our SaaS platform gives you a complete analysis of your TV and radio advertising, making it easy to optimize your media plans.

The advantages of our CTV solution :

▶ Activatable for all budgets

▶ Ability to measure by campaign

▶ Optimization recommendations adapted to your strategy

▶ Key insights into your target TV audience

Evaluate the complementarity of CTV

Exposure frequency, incremental reach, engagement, etc. Our CTV measurement solution enables you to quickly determine the extent to which this type of campaign impacts a target different from linear TV.

Find the balance between linear and connected TV

With, you can optimize your expenses by dividing your TV budget between these 2 media.

Engage a digital audience

At the frontier of digital, connected TV makes it possible to reach a different target than linear TV, which can then be activated online thanks to our Leverage solution.

Connected TV measurement solution

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