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Ma French Bank maximises its SEA presence during TV appearances

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Launched in 2019, Ma French Bank, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale, is an innovative and accessible mobile bank offering banking services tailored to the needs of connected customers. For its new TV campaign, Ma French Bank has called on to maximise its SEA presence during the TV activation periods.




of CTR‚Äč for the¬†Adboost¬†campaign‚Äč
vs. the classic campaign


of CPC‚Äč for the¬†Adboost¬†campaign‚Äč
vs. the classic campaign


of CPL‚Äč for the¬†Adboost¬†campaign‚Äč
vs. the classic campaign
The 100% Mobile Bank
On TV since 2019, Ma French Bank, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale, has faced major challenges in terms of visibility and organic traffic, requiring the implementation of new solutions to stand out from the crowd.

The brand collaborated with using Adboost, an innovative solution for maximising its SEA presence during TV activation periods to increase the impact with its TV audiences. This solution was deployed to secure Ma French Bank's legitimate universe against online competitors, by creating a device around the brand's SEA campaigns that activates and deactivates at the same time as the TV spots, ensuring that it never misses an opportunity to convert a TV-qualified prospect into a future customer.
A successful first Adboost campaign for the brand ...'s methodology consisted of thinking about the semantic fields to be prioritised during the TV adverts, then synchronising Ma French Bank's Google Ads account and's Google Ads account. An SEA campaign was then created especially for Adboost and activated only when the ad was shown on TV. A comparison between the traditional SEA campaign and the Adboost SEA campaign quickly enabled indicators such as traffic and conversion rates to be compared. After just 2 weeks with the Adboost campaign, the results were already convincing:

For the Adboost campaign it's : 
·  + 15% of CTR vs. the classic campaign,  
·  - 20% of CPC vs. the classic campaign,  
·  - 3% of CPL vs. the classic campaign,   
·  - 2% of Cost at signing vs. the classic campaign,    

In view of these results, the TV wave seems to have supported the performance of the digital campaign, with a lower CPC and therefore lower conversion costs, both on the brand's site and on its acquisition channels.
The campaign at the beginning of 2023 was a success, enabling us to combine awareness with TV media and acquisition with the SEA boost.
H√©lo√Įse Beldico-Pachot‚Äč
Directrice marketing et communication - Ma French Bank
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