Your profile helps a fragrance brand to better understand the effects of its media plan aids fragrance brand in media plan analysis
For fashion and luxury brands, TV is a key advertising medium. Looking at the amount of money invested, it seems obvious that luxury brands need insights about branding and ROI outcomes of their TV campaign. This business case highlights the main learnings a fragrance brand should know when it comes to TV advertising.



16 000

TV visits


Fragrance brand well established in France, with high-valued TV spots.
In 2018, a fragrance brand asked to track its December TV campaign. The goal was to check if the media plan answered the brand objectives during this crucial period. On one hand, a high level of exposure was needed to maintain brand awareness. On the other hand, the media plan had to generate important traffic and conversions on the brand’s website. analysed the campaign and monitored if the brand’s objectives were reached.
"Christmas, a crucial period for any brand”
Investment analysis analysed the investment distribution during the TV campaign through three different dimensions: channels, day-parts and days of the week. The objective was to understand how the media plan was developed and starting to analyse the performance. The investment distribution clearly focused on historical, well established channels but with the additional of smaller channels, to amplify the reach while keeping the same level of performance. The brand also invested during the afternoon, when housewives aged under 50s are watching TV, especially on Sundays to benefit from the most watched time slots of the week.
Performance analysis: a very good exposure but also a success in number of visits’s performance analysis showed that the investment choices made by the brand were the right ones. Indeed, the high number of visits generated by TV mostly comes from digital terrestrial television or DTT (smaller than historical) and during afternoons. Moreover, Mondays benefited from the Sundays’ investments creating a long-tail effect: 18% of visits are generated this day. In summary, allowed the brand to better understand the efficiency of its media plan and how it was affecting its web traffic. The brand’s next TV campaign, followed by the analytics platform, will be an opportunity to see how the various KPIs (cost per visit, visits per GRP...) behave depending on the changes made in the media plan.
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